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What To Do If A Snake Bites You

What To Do If A Snake Bites You
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Prevention: Obviously prevention is better than cure. Most of the snakes on earth are completely harmless & the chances of being bitten by one are extremely slim, but to avoid snakebite one should always wear hiking boots and long trousers (preferably denim) when in areas where snakes are found.
Be careful when picking up things like firewood, do not put your hands where you cannot see them. If you come across a snake move away. Snakes do not chase people they are afraid of people and will move off in the other direction.
Cure: If however a snake does bite you. DO NOT PANIC. It is highly unlikely that you will die, very few snake bites are serious.
Stay Still and raise the site of the bite. If you are active you will speed up the spread of the venom. By raising the affected limb you restrict blood flow and slow the spread of venom.
 Photo By DA Warrell
Do not cut the wound or try and suck the venom out like in old western films. This will not work and trust me venom does not taste good at all. (someone I know got spat in the mouth by a Mozambique spitting cobra and the result was not pretty).
You can apply a pressure bandage to the bitten limb. The bandage should be applied fronm the site of the bite towards the trunk of the body. It should slow down the lymphatic system but not restrict blood flow.
Transport the victim to hospital. The sooner the victim receives proper care the better. If the victim stops breathing apply CPR continuously until help arrives. This is vital and can save the persons life.
Do not try to kill the snake for identity purposes, a second bite will just complicate matters. besides hospitals will treat the symptoms only.
If a snake spits venom in your eyes, wash them out immediately with water. DO NOT RUB!! The water dilutes the venom and your eyes should come right in a few days.
This little girl was bitten by a Mozambique spitting cobra in Swaziland,
Funds are needed to help treat these snakebite victims in this poor country if you can help please go to

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