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Woma Python Care Sheet

Woma Python Care Sheet
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Woma Pythons. Photos By Krossbow
Woma Pythons
General: Woma Pythons originate from Australia, They are a small python with adults growing to between 4 and 6 feet. Females are generally the larger of the two sexes. They are fairly new to the exotic pet trade and therefore highly sought after.
Enclosure: Juveniles can be kept in small plastic tubs and Adults should be kept in an enclosure not smaller than about 4ft X 2ft X 2ft.
Temperature and Humidity: Your Woma Python should be kept at an ambient temperature of about 28 degrees C and a warm spot of about 32 degrees should be provided. It is vitally important to monitor the temperatures in your snakes enclosure. (too hot could kill your snake and too cool can lead to all sorts of problems). Woma pythons need the humidity in their enclosure to stay around 40%.
Feeding: Juvenile Woma pythons should be fed a large pinky or a fuzzy every 5-7 days. Adults should be fed an appropriately sized prey item every two to three weeks. Never leave your snake alone with live prey.
Cleaning: your Woma pythons enclosure should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a month. Faeces should be removed as soon as it appears and clean water should always be available.

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Woma Python By Peter Halasz


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