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Amazon Tree Boa Care Sheet

Amazon Tree Boa Care Sheet

-By reptitrader (Care sheets are just a guide to keeping snakes for more detailed information go to our book store)

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General: Amazon Tree Boas are kept in much the same way as the larger Emerald Tree Boas, so they are a great starter snake before you move up to the bigger Emeralds. They are a beautiful snake in their own right, but are known for their aggressive behavior. Unlike Emeralds Tree Boas the Amazons are not completely arboreal and tend to spend more time on the ground.


Enclosure: Amazon Tree Boas need a minimum of 24 inches X 36 X 24 for a breeding pair, although it is probably a good idea to get something a little larger so that you can work around them when feeding etc. because they are known to bite.


Accessories: Enclosure should be fitted with branches, a water bowl, some fake plants (like Ivy for a bit of privacy) and a couple of hides.


Substrate: Water cannot be used because Amazon tree boas spend a lot of their time on the ground. Cypress mulch and coconut husk are good substrates because when moist they promote humidity.


Temperature and Humidity: Temperatures between 76 and 84 degrees F are Ideal. A daytime high of 82 degrees F and a night time low in the upper seventies is recommended. An ambient humidity of between 65 – 70% which can be maintained with daily misting is required. If humidity is too high fungal and bacterial diseases can occur and if it is too low respiratory infections and shedding problems could result.


Feeding: Feed Adult Amazon Tree Boas a frozen/Thawed (They are delicate and some live rodents can damage them) prey item no thicker than the widest size of their girth once every 10-14 days. Feed Juveniles once every 5 – 7 days. Clean water can be provided by means of raised water bowls and daily misting is vital to the well being of these snakes.


Cleaning: Clean enclosure thoroughly once a month, making sure to disinfect all furniture. Remove faecal matter as it appears.

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